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All engagements are preceded by a comprehensive informational meeting to review client objectives, identify savings opportunities, and determine the best service solution. At that meeting or shortly thereafter, we will provide you with our service recommendation. Once you have made a decision, we will draft and execute an engagement agreement that details the objectives of the engagement and expected duration of the engagement.

Except in the case of special project work, the engagement begins on the first day of work when we are introduced as your new CFO. Upon express agreement of our objectives, we will organize our time to accomplish tasks in the order of importance to you and the financial impact to your company. Communication will be paramount throughout the engagement and we will track savings and completed initiatives as we progress.

When we come upon challenges that another partner may have greater expertise, we will follow up with partner to determine the best solution to the problem. This utilization of the partnership knowledgebase provides you with a collective expertise that one person alone cannot provide.

Our desire is to grow with your company until you are ready for a full time CFO. When you are ready, we will be happy to pass on the reins and if needed provide assistance to source the best-qualified person for your company. For interim and more task oriented work, we will conclude the engagement when you are satisfied that we have accomplished each of the objectives that were set out. Our ultimate motivation is your success and the success stories that we create. Our engagements are structured to be flexible, and you have the flexibility to change or terminate our agreement if you are not satisfied with the progress of our work.

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