Restaurant CFO Partners - CFO Solutions for the Restaurant Industry

Part Time CFO



This is a solution for companies that don't need a full time CFO, but require the skill set of an experienced restaurant industry CFO. Our partner will work as an employee of your company in your office a dictated number of days per week or month. Best of all, we can adjust our time at your company in accordance with the increased or reduced demands that your business places on our time.

It is a perfect answer to the needs of emerging growth restaurant companies that require CFO competencies to assist in the development of a strong foundation from which to build a successful company. We can assist early stage growth companies with the following functions and many more:

  • Identifying and securing financing or equity capital
  • Developing strong internal controls
  • Building a solid accounting and administrative staff
  • Selecting industry leading software and systems
  • Implementing strategic planning and budgeting plans
  • Developing a sophisticated reporting system for monthly financial reports and customized operating reports
  • Identifying and utilizing low cost service and product vendors
  • Establishing location appropriate regulatory policies, reporting, and oversight
  • Overseeing or performing the controllership function
  • Development of cash flow tracking and forecasting systems

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