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The idea for Restaurant CFO Partners has been slowly formulating in the back of founding partners, Greg Williams and Craig Feronti's minds over the last ten years. Their first hand experiences with a number of companies over that period of time brought them face to face with the problems that resulted from poor financial leadership in the early stages of these companies.

Why did this happen? As with many early stage companies, they simply could not afford to bring a full time CFO on board for the expertise they needed. If they were fortunate enough to afford a CFO at the outset, they often found it difficult finding a qualified candidate or with a dilemma of giving away too much equity to attract the candidate of choice.

In such instances, these companies needed a seasoned restaurant industry CFO who could provide them with the type of expertise they needed, as they needed it, without expensive hiring costs or incentives. As their companies successfully expanded and the demands for a full time CFO developed, then their success would open up a supply of top notch candidates who were adverse to joining high risk early stage companies.

In early 2002, Restaurant CFO Partners was launched to fulfill this need as well as the need for interim and special project work at larger companies.

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