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Interim CFO


During times of turnover or absences of your current CFO or Controller, we can provide immediate interim assistance so that your company doesn't miss a step. No matter if it's for five days or for five months, our partner will be there until your employee comes back or a new employee is hired. If needed, we can even assist your company to secure a replacement and provide training and transitional support after they arrive, thus ensuring a smooth and successful executive transition.

For public companies or companies preparing for a public offering or other financing transaction, we have the experience to ensure that your company is in strict compliance with GAAP and all SEC reporting requirements.

We can also assist companies confronted with sudden financial and operational challenges brought on by an acquisition, rapid unit growth, liquidity problems, or other specific events. In these events, our experience will help you navigate through these challenges and determine the appropriate solution. If your company requires reorganization, restructuring, or bankruptcy, we can assist you by quarterbacking the restructuring process, selecting the appropriate legal counsel, preparing schedules, and working with your financial partners and institutions.

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