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How can it help my bottom line?

Some efforts show up immediately to the bottom line, others prevent unnecessary expenses from happening, and some create positive long-term benefits. Listed below are a few examples of how we can help your bottom line:

Immediate Impact
  • Securing better rates on company debt
  • Reengineering of document workflow to allow for less staffing or the redirection of staff time to projects that can create further benefits
  • Savings of up to 10% of the cost of food and beverage product purchases for multi-unit or high volume locations by utilizing Restaurant CFO Partners' order guide program, which compares multiple vendor pricing and provides a weekly listing of the lowest cost provider of specified food and beverage products
  • Cheaper product and service vendor sourcing by utilizing discounts with Restaurant CFO approved vendors
  • Establishing comparative financial reports incorporating detail budgets that allow for clear analysis of items with negative variances

Prevention of unnecessary expenses
  • Prevention of theft and inefficiencies by establishing strong internal controls and monitoring their compliance
  • Prevention of costly deficiencies discovered during sales and liquor tax audits, wage and hour audits, EEOC litigation, etc.

Positive long-term benefits
  • Structuring company equity to minimize capital dilution
  • Selection of software and systems that are intuitive and require less training time, are more efficient to operate, and have the least amount of maintenance
  • Developing a solid strategic plan that ensures that your company grows in accordance with the financial and human capital available
  • Developing a sophisticated reporting system for both monthly financial reports and more frequent operating reports that provide succinct, timely, and useful information

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